Mission Engineering TT-2 2-Button Footswitch

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Mission Engineering TT-2 2-Button Footswitch; compatible with a large range of digital amps, effects units, MIDI controllers and stomp boxes that support external foot switches; resilient metal chassis; two momentary (unlatching) foot switches with a small click action for tactile feedback; switchable between TRS and TS mode; TRS mode supports two switches on a single TRS-Jack cable, removing the need for Y cables or adapters; in TS Mode, the TT-2 can be connected with two standard TS Jack cables; Dimensions: (W x D x H): 91,4 x 31,8 x 38,1 mm, (3,6" x 1,25" x 1,5"); Weight: 136 g (0,3 lbs), Color: Black


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