Moog Minitaur

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Monophonic Bass Synthesizer

  • Each function has its own control element
  • Two VCOs with sawtooth waves (exactly the original Taurus respectively) and additional square waves
  • Mixer for VCO signals
  • Moog Ladder Filter delivers authentic Taurus1 and Taurus 3 sounds
  • Two ADSR envelope generators in the Minimoog-Style
  • LFO controls VCO and VCF - MIDI clock sync
  • Minitaur's sound generator can be fully controlled via MIDI
  • USB port and a MIDI-DIN plug
  • Analogue control inputs for pitch
  • Filter volume and gate - allow control through pedals and control voltages (everything from Moogerfooger to modular synthesizer)
  • Audio input for processing external audio signals through filter and mixer section
  • Headphone output
  • High-quality sheet steel housing
  • Rev2
  • Audio output: 6.3 mm mono jack, unbalanced

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