Vengeance-Sound VPS Avenger

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Virtual Synthesizers (Download)

  • Combines 10 different sound genres in one instrument
  • Offers additive, subtractive, FM, AM and granular synthesis as well as multisamples, wavetables, drums and resamplers
  • Allows free drawing of one's own waveforms
  • Up to 8 Oscillators with V-Saw (Supersaw simulation), Chorder, Vibrato, FFT Editor, Waveform Bending, Noise Generator and Sync
  • Up to 8 arpeggiators each, step sequencer, modulation and pitch envelopes
  • Up to 4 amplifiers, filters (with 47 filter types) and shaper modules
  • Powerful oscillator routing
  • Up to 6 effect buses with routing and 30 effects
  • Mixer and Keyzone Pages
  • Graphical preset browser with easy-to-use search and tag functions
  • Resizable 4K-Ready user interface
  • Changeable design
  • Import of samples, SF2 files, wavetables etc.
  • MIDI Learn
  • Over 900 factory presets, 620 multisamples, 218 special samples, 154 resampler waves, 168 drum kits, 596 wavetables, thousands of shapes and 250 granular waves
  • Permanently growing library with extensions on the manufacturer side
  • Constantly new updates with new features


  • Supported formats: VST2 / VST3 / AU / AAXnative118, 2.5 GHz Intel Core CPU, 8 GB RAM, 5 GB HD, Internet connection

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