A decent piano stool for beginners

I am an non-professional intermediate level piano player. I use a Yamaha P-125 digital piano and the matte paint finish of the stool matches well with the piano.

The stool is very easy to assemble and the height adjustment mechanism worked pretty smoothly. After assembly I realized that all the legs wouldn't touch the floor at the same time causing the stool to rock slightly. But that problem fixed itself when I was seated on the stool; it would slightly stretch and all the legs touched the floor. The cushion is comfortable to sit on (but it is a lint and dust magnet). One of the corners of the frame which holds the cushion was not properly aligned and has a very small gap, not that it was a big problem, but clearly a lapse in craftsmanship.

Overall it is a decent piano stool for a beginner-intermediate level piano player and it does its job pretty well. But maybe not recommended for a discerning professional.