Great value

Great value for the money. The padding is good enough to sit at least an hour playing, but had some minor defects along one of the edges. You can lift that part up and turn it in the other direction to make it less obvous. Assembly was quite easy but the included IKEA-like wrench could be better. One top is to not overtighten it, then gently sit down on it so that the weight is distributed evenly, then go back to tighten the legs. That way you won't have one odd leg make it unbalanced

If using on hardwood floor I strongly recommend placing felt feet (the adhesive ones they actually sell at IKEA) under the rubber feet. Otherwise the legs will "jump" when your body is pushing the stool back and forth instead of firmly slide, and the sound it made had me worried it would damage the floor. Note: I'm 85kg, might be better if you're smaller.

All in all: Well worth it.