Not enough quality

After 2 months of using the product I have the following view:

1. The product is made entirely from MDF (a mix of sawdust and resin) and not wood. Unfortunately this was not advertised by seller accordingly. For legs which are required for compressed this is ok. For horizontal elements that are required to bend is not the best material for sure.

2. All the joints are done by screws through steel plate corners. After the first 10 minutes during mounting I have tight too much a leg screw. As a result one long perimetral side (between legs) had cracked. Since I am a passionate woodworker and also because I have enough tools/machines/materials in my small shop I was able to replace both long horizontal elements with beech wood elements painted black. This changing was not visible but I have paid 3 hours of working for this.

3. During playing at piano the stool is ?screaming? a lot. I suppose that all the MDF elements in pressure-contact without carpentry joining are responsible for this sound. This is very annoying for a piano player.

4. Also the internal double screw mechanical system used to rise the sitting chair is not very tight so I have a gap in gears of few mils when I raised the chair. This is visible when you sit on the chair and you change your ?center of gravity?. You?ll hear immediately this gap.

As a conclusion: the product is cheap and suitable for a beginner or a child. My plans is to keep the seat/the mechanic as a next project in my shop.