Soundtoys Effekt Rack

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Soundtoys Effect Rack (ESD); multi effect plugin; contains 14 effects inside the Effect Rack from the Soundtoys 5 bundle; contains Crystallizer, Decapitator, Devil-Loc, EchoBoy, EchoBoy Jr., FilterFreak, FilterFreak 2, MicroShift, PanMan, PhaseMistress, PrimalTap, Radiator, Sie-Q, and Tremolator; stack effects to create custom effect chains; global controls like tempo, gain etc. to treat chains as a single effect; blend in subtle parallel effects with the Mix control; lots of presets in several categories for a wide range of applications; supported formats (64-Bit only): VST2 / AU / AAXnative; system requirements: Win7 (64-bit) min., Mac OSX 10.10 min., internet connection, iLok License Manager

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