Thomann is Europe's biggest mail order company of the Rockstand brand. We have the latest products in our range, and most of them are on stock and directly available. For a list of all Rockstand products, click here.

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Useful stuff to know about Rockstand

Rockstand started in 1982, when Hand-Peter Wilfer founded the company Rockstand by Warwick. The main office of the company Rockstand by Warwick is in 08258 Markneukirchen (D). the company employs according to their own data 80 members of staff (status 2010).

  • founder Hand-Peter Wilfer
    founder Hand-Peter Wilfer
  • head office in 08258 Markneukirchen
    head office in 08258 Markneukirchen
  • Rockstand company logo
    Rockstand company logo

Currently we have 43 Rockstand products 43 of them directly available in our Treppendorf warehouse (and of course they can be tested as well in our shop) . Rockstand products have been a part of our range for 21 year(s).
The popularity of Rockstand is obvious. Every hundredth Thomann customer has bought at least one Rockstand product at Thomann.