Guitar Wireless Systems

It’s time for more guitarists to take advantage of the freedom of movement provided and strut their stuff!

Guitar Wireless Systems
Guitar Wireless Systems
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    Transmission / Reception
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    Radio Frequencies
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    Is it Legal?
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    Establishing Good Reception
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    Electric Basses
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    Working with Multiple Units
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    Digital Systems
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Welcome to our Guitar Wireless Systems Online Advisor.

Are you tired of tripping over cables? Do you hate that annoying spaghetti wrapping itself around your pedals? Are you fed up with stepping on your lead and disconnecting yourself mid-solo? Then ‘go wireless’!

Guitar wireless systems have seen rapid technological development in recent years, to the point where high quality devices are now readily available in low to medium price brackets. Just a decade ago, a truly practical and useable system would have cost big bucks. Now, there’s no better time for guitarists to embrace this technology, and free themselves from the clumsy guitar-lead shackles which so restrict the on-stage gallivant. Of course, a wireless link also provides perfect electrical isolation from the amplifier and other equipment in the rig – a not inconsiderable safety benefit. In order for the guitarist to be in a position to make an informed decision as to the most suitable system though, some insight into product variations is required. Please read on…

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