Korg OT120

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Orchestral TunerKorg tuners are since a while widely used by many musicians, which is a reason enough for Korg to expand the program.

With its wide range extending from A0 to C8, the OT-120 lets you quickly tune any type of brass band or orchestral instrument – wind, string or keyboard.

The OT-120 also provides a wide range of calibration to support concert pitches in a range of A4=349-499 Hz (1 Hz steps). A high-precision needle-type meter accurately indicates any pitch discrepancy. The speed at which the needle responds to the input can be changed over a range of three steps. Best quality for supporters of the classic display.

  • Different tuning modes (12 equal tempered, Pythagorean, Werckmeister III, Vallotti, Mean Tone Eb, Kirnberger III, Young, Mean Tone D#, Kellner)
  • Large display
  • Tuning range A0 to C8
  • Reference Tone C2 through C7
  • Calibration: 349-499 Hz
  • Easy handling
  • Power supply not included

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