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School for Ukulele

  • Just learn to play ukulele for colours
  • By Michael Fromm
  • For ukuleles in C tuning
  • The concept, based on boom whacker colours, teaches children from the age of 6 the basics of song accompaniment and melody playing
  • Clear and colourful chord symbols and tablatures support direct implementation on the instrument
  • This guarantees quick success even without prior knowledge of the notes
  • In addition to the book, online videos facilitate the development of step-by-step content in the book
  • Even parents with no previous musical knowledge can support their children in learning the instrument
  • With over 25 child-friendly songs to accompany
  • Easy two-part play sets for all songs to make music together
  • Additional tasks with interdisciplinary impulses for painting, handicrafts etc.
  • Exercises to strengthen the learned
  • Coloured handles and chord symbols
  • ISBN 978-3-99035-343-1
  • 88 Coloured pages throughout
  • In German language

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