Echo Fix EF-X2 Tape Echo Black

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Product Details

Effects Device

  • Tape delay with reverb
  • 3 Main functions: Tape delay, reverb and preamp
  • 7 Different echo modes
  • Real spring reverb and DSP reverb modes: Spring, DSP or Blend
  • Separate inputs and volume controls for instrument and line levels
  • Balanced inputs and outputs on the back
  • Direct ON/OFF: Switches the direct signal off or on
  • Motor ON/OFF: Allows the tape drive motor to be switched on and off to achieve the tape stop effect or to increase the life of the tape
  • Sound On Sound ON/OFF Switch: Activates an additional playback head (loop or overdub function)
  • Echo ON/OFF: Bypasses the band circuit for use as a pure reverb with preamp (instrument input)
  • Echo time and feedback controllable via CV
  • Mute the reverb or delay signal with a double foot switch
  • Colour: Black
  • 2 Tape loops included

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