X32 Rack

Having used the X32 for around a year, the X32 rack seemed ideal solution for smaller venues where the full console is just too large. Most of our events require fewer than 16 channels so the rack seemed to meet our requirements, if more are required the rack can be expanded using the S-16 stage box. Well in it's first outing it excelled, the sound quality is as good as its bigger brother (which is to be expected as it's the same architecture) and using an iPad with X32-Mix as the interface meant our sound guy could mix from the audience.

Most of the features are available from the full X32 desk, however, I wouldn't recommend using rack directly from the front panel as navigating channels and features takes too much time - it is not really designed to be used like this.

Links to the X32-Mix iPad app, X32-Q iPhone App and X32-Edit program for Windows, Linux and Mac is available from the Behringer website for free download. You need one or more of these to bring the rack to life along with a suitable WiFi access point. The iPad app does everything (except the custom controls which I'm sure will be added soon) that the full console offers. For the sound engineers who must have faders, X32-Edit can be linked to a control surface via MIDI.

Am I pleased I bought the X32 rack? - You bet! It is so good that the (2 man lift) full X32 will probably start to gather dust as the (1 hand lift) rack version is so powerful and useful in such a small form factor. Obviously if you must have the full sized desk then the rack might not be for you but having using the iPad to mix for many months the transition was easy.