Behringer X32 Rack , How did we manage before ?

I have to say straight off that I I am completely bowled over by The x32 Rack , I don't need most of it's facilities although I may use some of them in the future. I am using mine at the moment for small pub gigs looking after bands using a wifi router an Ipad and sitting at the bar ! Mine is loaded into a rack on wheels with a couple of power amps and I just roll it on stage plug in a few mics and thats it . I have programmed the rack at home with channels for vocals/kick drum etc Normally Soundcheck is the first song , how did we manage before? I seem to remember a lot of running around and shouting at each other ! It's nice to be able to have a lot of FX/Compression /EQ at hand without another rack full of equipment and associated leads (and ages to set it up!) When playing with my own band I play the first song with a radio guitar system out in the audience and sort out the FoH sound with the ipad then back onstage for the second song i fine tune the monitors , it really is that easy!